Great Roundup of Information for Aspiring Authors

Great roundup of information for aspiring authors

We’ve scoured the web to bring you links to some great resources on the business of writing, self-publishing, book marketing and self-promotion. Enjoy this great round up of information for aspiring authors.

Wondering whether to build your platform with email subscribers or purely with social media?

This article will definitely help you make your decision:

Ask Shama: Is Email Dead?
But our marketing expert Shama Kabani explains why email remains vital. Why does everyone on Twitter use the pound sign all the time? Our marketing expert Shama Kabani explains. It’s not easy to get publicity for a new book these days.

To put it into context, you have to do both—email marketing and social media—because chances are that, like most consumers, your prospects want choices. Give them a choice of opting in to your email list, following you on Twitter, or to liking you on Facebook. Some will choose all of the above, others will choose one, and some may even go back and forth in terms of their preference. The goal here is maximum reach. And the only way to make sure you have that is to give people options.

Joanna Penn does a wonderful job of analyzing what it takes to get your book noticed:

I am personally convinced that book reviews and an accessible price point are the best sales tactics for selling bulk fiction ebooks, providing the book and cover are good enough in the first place.

These two novels seem to prove the point. The Abbey has 507 reviews on Amazon averaging 4.5 stars and Mill River Recluse has 667 reviews averaging 4 stars. I have seen with Pentecost how Amazon’s sales algorithm kicks in when reviews start to pile up so this should be one of any authors main marketing tactics.

Excellent tips on how you can promote yourself and your book:

by Christina Katz

These days, there’s an art to writing and an art to self-promotion. From the moment you start putting words to the page, it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to share them. And once you begin to see your writing and promotional efforts as equally artful, something wonderful starts to happen: You find readers.

Typecast: How Book Marketing can Make or Break a Self-Published
The bane of good literature is NOT self-publication; it is a lack of proper book marketing. If no one knows about your self-published book, no one will buy it,

It is still much more difficult to generate buzz and interest about a self-published book than one through a publishing house, but difficult doesn’t mean impossible. The biggest key to your success is you. If your self-published book has merit, intriguing subject matter, high readability, and a new, bold flavor, you are much more likely to be successful. You will get out of any book marketing campaign only what you put into it. Dedicate yourself to your work as much as you believe in it, and you will be a successful self-published author.

Just for fun, plus it’s a novel idea!

Family opens publishing business in Richlands
Jacksonville Daily News
A local book publishing company is starting a new chapter in offering convenient printing services for aspiring authors and business owners. Print House and Emporium by Reimman Books specializes in giving customers one-stop shopping for printing books,

“We have tables, chairs and board games, music, free coffee and Wi-Fi–it’s not just about printing and publishing,” Reimann said. “This is place where they can hang out and we thought that if an author is thinking about writing a book they can come in, write their book here and we can publish it for them.” 

We couldn’t resist including this last link. What’s not to love about a reasonably priced printing and publishing company that invites their authors to “hang out” and write the book at their location?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this great round up of information for aspiring authors.

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